How CSSI® Helps Tax Professionals

Help Your Clients Realize the Benefits of Tax Savings

How We Help Tax Professionals with Cost Segregation Studies

At CSSI®, we believe that most tax professionals would love to offer more services to their clients. We know you continually look for additional benefits for your clients and provide them opportunities for increased cash flow. Not only does this provide enhanced client service and loyalty, but it shows your client that you are looking out for their business interests. We understand the demands of your practice and the busy world of public accounting.

Put More Money in Their Pockets with a Cost Segregation Study

At CSSI®, our goal is to simplify the process for you so that your involvement in our study process is minimal. We will either coordinate with you and your client or work directly with your client to secure all necessary documentation to complete the study. We also provide you with cost documents, the 3115, and 481(a) adjustments. By partnering with CSSI®, you will be working with a firm that operates within all approved U.S. tax codes and guidelines.

Our objective is to always put you, the tax professional, first with your client. CSSI® does not perform accounting services and would never be your competition. Also, our expert tax counsel is always available to answer questions.

How do you know if an engineering-based cost segregation study is right for your client?

We’re Here to Help Tax Professionals

It’s your clients’ hard-earned money; wouldn’t you like them to keep it? Contact our professionals today to discuss how we can provide you with a complimentary property analysis for your client.