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“A taxpayer can substantially increase cash flow by segregating property costs.”
“Cost segregation can provide real estate purchasers with tremendous tax benefits from accelerated depreciation deductions and easier write-offs when an asset becomes obsolete, broken or destroyed.”

“A good relationship with an established, experienced cost segregation provider is important so that, if an inquiry is made about a cost segregation study three or more years down the line, the provider is willing and able to stand behind the work.”

“Thank you so much CSSI! Without the influx of cash I received from my reduced tax payment, I would have had to close my new location. You literally saved my business. I will forever be grateful."

“I am an extremely cost conscious and demanding investor. No other firm could have met the level of detail I require and complete such a project within our time frame. I am very happy with CSSI’s performance and the commitment of our representative to see this project completed successfully within an impossible time frame.”

“We appreciate the cost segregation study by Cost Segregation Services, LLC which gives optimum results for our clients while applying rules of the U.S. tax code.

“The bottom line speaks for itself… CSSI saved us over $500,000 in cash. In these economic times no one in business can afford to let that kind of money slip way.”

“I view the services of Cost Segregation Services Inc. as important for our clients and important to our bank’s initiative.”

"CSSI approached me in 2015 regarding the 4 Steakhouses I owned. The analysis looked too good to be true, so I let them cost segregate one of my stores to check it out. The results were legitimate and my tax savings was substantial. Needless to say, I had them take care of my other 4 restaurants and the additional 2 I that purchased last year."

"The relationship I have with CSSI is important to my CPA practice. We have a great partnership and we share ideas with each other regularly. I feel like I have expert tax council in my corner."

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Cost Segregation Saves Money
"A tax-deferral strategy that’s gaining popularity is saving some building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars."


The Best Of Both Worlds​
"Selecting a firm that uses qualified professionals with years of significant, relevant experience can be an important differentiator in the quality of a cost segregation study."